Who Is This Christ?

But who is this Christ who has given His best to us that we may give our best to Him?  Many answers have been given to this question, but only one has stood the test of time.  The Church began with the chosen Apostles of Jesus and for nineteen hundred years it has been guided by His Holy Spirit.  Through all that time the experience of innumerable Christian men and women has expressed itself in the teaching of the Church, and its answer is this:  In Jesus Christ, God became man and lived the life of man that He might seek and find and win men to Himself.  “God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself.”  Because he loved us before we loved Him, He entered into our lives to give us all that we were willing to receive and from that day to this, through the Spirit of the living Christ, God has been at work in His world.  From Him have come al those gifts that we have been recalling.  We do not owe our Christianity and its blessings to our memory of the works of a long deceased teacher preaching in Palestine ages ago.  An echo has no life in it. We owe all to our Savior, living and divine, who imparts life and energy, now, to His Church and to every true member.

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