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FYI following is information regarding Voyage Power Partners’ energy savings products, the Celec Smart Bank Capacitors and the IceCOLD Catalyst that each product will conservatively reduce the kilo-watt usage 20+% and implemented in concert 40+%.  Installed in a residential or commercial application each product will provide a 10-12 month pay back proportionate to the amount of the kWh usage.  The company offers a 100% financing arrangement through Entrust Energy, an electricity provider, that in addition to Texas the financing option is also available in the States of Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.




The Celec Smart Bank Capacitors are basically UL Listed voltage storage devices that can either supply reactive power or absorb it.  If connected in parallel to the line, it supplies reactive power and if it is connected in series to the line, it absorbs reactive power.  It has the power of storing large amounts of electrical charges canceling out large current flows reducing electricity bills.




IceCOLD is endorsed by the USPS, Ben E. Keith’s, Golden Corral, Popeye’s, McDonalds, 711, and 100’s of more companies with over 80,000 implementations world-wide.


Following is a link to the 2-minute video about IceCOLD


­Product Information


A/C Manufacturers warranties are not affected by implementing IceCOLD as the Federal Trade Commission Magnuson-Moss Act 15USC ss230, January 1, 1997 states that a manufacturer cannot void and or refuse to honor their equipment warranty because a second party component is installed in or with their equipment.













York Manufacturing tested IceCOLD and found it improved their equipment efficiency by 28% and caused the compressors to run 40 degrees F cooler which can add 20 to 50% to the life of the compressor.  Since the A/C system is running less, all normal maintenance such as changing oil filters, cleaning coils, and other normal wear of components such as contactors, etc. are also reduced.


Siemens Real Estate deployed IceCOLD in a facility that had 37 units (estimated at 435 tons of cooling) serving the building.  The text results were tabulated and review showing an average electrical reduction of 28% to be associated with the IceCOLD technology.


We would appreciate the opportunity of providing no-obligation surveys to present quotations and in the meanwhile regarding any questions or if interested in becoming a Voyage Power Partners Sales Generator our contact information is below.


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